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At Generate, we take many steps to assure your order is correct, arrives on time, and lives up to your expectations.

We do this by offering item samples, a proofing process for both order details and art, and by working with suppliers with whom we have built a relationship of trust and partnership. 

We also know that your busy schedule sometimes leaves you in need of products in a tight time frame and we are happy to work diligently to provide this kind of elevated service.

When an order is needed in a rush capacity we often have to eliminate steps from this process. In addition, once the order is placed, we have very limited ability to control the production and shipping processes. 

When you approve an order confirmation with rush status, you are doing so with the understanding that should the items not arrive in time for your event, arrive and not meet your expectations, or have a flaw in imprint, color, or any other quality issue, that Generate nor our suppliers or printers can be held responsible and that payment for the order in full remains your responsibility.

We thank you for your understanding!